Amphibian Fauna of Taiwan

Rhacophorus arvalis

Rhacophorus arvalis

Diagnostic Description

A small to medium sized green treefrog, with the females measuring up to 6.5cm SVL, and the males much smaller at 3cm. The bright green of the upper surface is rather smooth. Underside white or pinkish white. The lower lips, outer edges of forearms, legs and both sides of body are circled by a narrow white strip. Well developed discs on the tip of toes and fingers. The discs are purple. Iris greenish gray.

Taxon Biology

The species lives in highly disturbed farmlands at low elevation, including bamboo plantation. During the breeding season (April to August) males form a chorus group in "lek" on twigs or leaves near canopy. Usually there is a temporary pond or ditch under the "lek". After the male was selected, the female will carry the male and go down to the damp forest floor, dig a hole and lay foamy eggs in the nest. The foamy eggs will be covered with decomposed bamboo leaves or other plant material.


This is an endemic species to Taiwan.


This species only can found in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan Counties. The population is fragmented and disjuncted.