Amphibian Fauna of Taiwan

Fejervarya cancrivora

Common Names

海蛙 (Chinese)

Languages: English


Diagnostic Description

A medium sized frog with 5~7cm in males and 6~8cm in females. Upper surface dark brown to gray with several irregular black markings. The back and sides have short ridges and round bumps. A dark bar across the top of the head between eyes. Four to five dark bars across the top of legs. The tympanum is conspicuous, underside varies from creamy white to white with some dark mottling. Well developed webbing on hindlegs.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc

Taxon Biology

This is only species in Taiwan which can tolerate saline habitat. It was found near the shore of estuary and the aqua-culture pond in Pingtung. It is an aggressive frog, which can take varies species of invertebrates and other frogs. Males call from March to September, near the river banks, ditches and coastal waterways. It can be distinguished from Fejervarya limnocharis with larger body size and be wary.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc

Ecology and Distribution


Thailand; Malaya; Singapore; Greater Sundas to the Philippines and the Lesser Sundas; Guangxi and northeastern coast of Hainan I., China; Vietnam; Andaman and Nicobar Is., India; introduced in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea


Currently it was found in estuary and lagoons of Pingtung County.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc


  • Euphlyctis cancrivora — Poynton and Broadley, 1985, Ann. Natal Mus., 27: 124. (synonym)
  • Rana cancrivora — Annandale, 1918, Rec. Indian Mus., 15: 63. (synonym)
  • Rana cancrivora cancrivora — Dunn, 1928, Am. Mus. Novit., 315: 5. (synonym)
  • Rana tigrina var. cancrivora — Boulenger, 1918, Rec. Indian Mus., 15: 58. (synonym)