Amphibian Fauna of Taiwan

Hynobius glacialis

Common Names

南湖山椒魚 (Chinese)

Languages: English


Diagnostic Description

A moderately large salamander, adults 5.5-6.5 cm SVL. Dorsal side is yellowish brown with deep, black, irregular short stripes evenly distributed. Ventral side gray, with pale yellow spots on head and pale yellow blotches near flank. There are usually 12 costal grooves between limbs. Also, when limbs are adpressed to the flank, toes of fore- and hindlimbs touch. There are four toes on each forelimb and five toes on each hindlimb.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc

Taxon Biology

They lives near alpine tundra, usually beside creeks, cold springs, and seepages. During the day, individuals normally shelter under rocks on gravel substrate. Their reproductive biology still unknown.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc

Ecology and Distribution




Hynobius glacialis is found in the northern Central and Syueshan Mountain Ranges of Taiwan at elevations above 3000 m.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc